About- Aaron Guymer and Fast Track Mechanic

I thought about writing an e book, but mechanics aren’t big readers. I thought maybe I could make a video instead. But I wanted information to be there for reference when needed. The problem with a book and video is you can only write it once. It is hard to tweak and add or subtract. I’m constantly learning, finding new and improved ways of doing things. Another problem is it’s hard to get specific feedback on what is shit hot and what is just plain shit. My solution is creating a website

I grew up on a family farm near Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia. My grandfather and father did a lot of the mechanicing work on the farm themselves which is where I developed the passion for it.

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trucks on the family farm

The Short Story

I have worked in many different workshops, with many smart mechanics. This has given me access to a wide range of ideas and techniques. If there is one thing I have learned there is always someone out there somewhere that has a better way of doing things. Fast Track Mechanic is a place where I share my thoughts on smarter, better, faster Mechanics and workshops. From getting a job to tackling how bad the technology is for paperwork in the automotive industry

The Long Story

Moving off the farm at sixteen I got a job as an apprentice truck mechanic at a workshop that fixed everything from old dodges and internationals to Ivecos. I loved the challenge and working with my hands. The workshop was bought by a bus company so I worked between the bus workshop and truck workshop.

On the verge of me finishing my apprenticeship my foreman and mentor Dan left and got a job at a Scania dealership. He offered and I accepted a job there. Although this was short lived. Dan had a long standing agreement with his mate from school (who's family owned the local Fuso truck dealership) that if he ever took on the dealership Dan would run the workshop for him. 6 months into the job that day came so we up and moved to the Fuso dealership. I was there for 2.5 years when I got the opportunity to go to America working for a Contract Harvester. I drove and fixed Kenworth Trucks and John Deere Harvesters.

Returning to Australia I got a job at a Detroit Diesel Dealership. Engine work has always been what I enjoy most so I loved the 2 years I spent there until the branch closed. The next place I worked was a Volvo dealership. After being there for a year, I decided to do a working Holiday working for Volvo in the UK. Enjoying that working holiday so much I decided to do another one working for Volvo in Canada. Which is where I currently am now.