There is such thing as a dumb question, you do need to ask it but….

but.... choose wisely who to ask.
When asking for help ask the most appropriate person. Don't ask highly qualified mechanics where to find tools or equipment, if one of the apprentices will easily know the answer. Reserve pestering highly qualified mechanics for technical harder questions. Think of it like the genie that grants you three wishes, don't waste your three wishes.

Make friends
If you get along well and are friends with the people you work with apart from the fact it will make work more enjoyable, they will be more than happy to help you out.

In terms of time efficiency someone will be able to tell you the answer quicker than you can look it up. In terms of learning and remembering the more effort you put in to finding an answer the better. Find the balance, time versus learning. The risk you take with asking someone is it may not be right. It is always good to know what the correct text book way is and use this as your base. There is the 100% by the book way to do something and there is the more practical efficient way of doing it. I have seen people shortcut a shortcut. Basically Chinese whispers. One mechanic shows another mechanic, shows another mechanic. If you do ask live by this rule
Only ask once, never have to ask the same thing again. Write it down, Record it if possible