Why use a spanner when you can use a ratchet? Why use a ratchet when you can use an impact gun? Because it makes the job quicker and easier.

Mechanics have 1000's of dollars worth of tools. It seems never ending there is always another tool that you want to do a certain job, or make your life a little easier.

Why use pen and paper when you can use a computer? Why use a computer if you can use a tablet (with attachable keyboard). As I mentioned in a previous blog. If a mechanic has a tablet this opens up a world of possibilities. From emailed job cards and pictures of defects to workshop manuals accessed at the toolbox/ job.

Buy one or two tablets for the workshop. Show the mechanics how much easier and quicker it is. Then go halves or help them buy their own. Let them pay it off over time. Ideally the workshop could supply one each, but being realistic that is unlikely to happen.

Mechanics will buy yet another tool.