How to Stop Pushing Brooms and Start Swinging Spanners

I wrote this post over a year ago, since then I've had a few more thoughts on the topic so I decided to make a short video


Despite what you might think cleaning is a great start. When you are cleaning and washing parts you are learning what they look like and what they are called. Pay attention, you can learn alot just by observing what is happening around you. Listen, your bound to hear about mistakes others have made. Now you know what not to do.

I have seen it time and time again, some people think they are too good for cleaning.
Take pride in what you do, hook in and get the cleaning done so you can move on to something you enjoy more. Learn a sh** load on the way

Make a list of jobs that need doing daily, weekly, monthly
Make sure they get done, this way when you are helping out doing real mechanicing work no one can complain because the workshop is tidy

Example of list

Empty rubbish bins
Sweep floors
Mop floors
Clean wash bay
Put tools and equipment away
Grease guns that need re- filling
Parts washer or kero washer needs cleaning out
Work vehicle need washing/ cleaning
Benches need cleaning
Repairs to any tools and equip
Clean smoko area
Clean hand washing area
Oil stock take