DD15 Oil Change

Francisco Amaya Does a great job of Running through the Detroit DD15 oil and filter change.
A few extra points I would add are
- Detroit Diesel Australia always recommended replacing engine oil and filter, starting engine, get oil pressure. Then replace fuel filters, prime and start engine. In a genuine filter kit it would say to do this. I beleive this was to prevent excessive cranking of the engine without any oil pressure
- I definately recommend torqueing the plastic filter caps- the torque is written on them. These have a habit of cracking and will then cause you lots of issues
- Do not crank the engine for more than 10-15 seconds at a time. 1. because you will cause damage to the starter 2. You will drain the batteries. Go back and pump the hand primer- Alot-200 times alot. You must Leave a couple minutes for the starter to cool down between cranking.
- Do not rev the engine when trying to start it. This may have been ok on older model engines but not new engines. Fuel lubricates the system, if there is air in the system it wont be getting proper lubrication and therefore will cause premature wear if you rev it.
- When fitting the fuel pro bowl- The bowl should not turn! only the collar. If the bowl does turn it increases the risk of the o-ring coming out of place and getting pinched