Good Manufacturer System

A good system would look something like this
(bound to be tweeked along the way)

Manufacturers need to supply software/ a system

1.Job Cards and warranty claim needs to be the same document

2.Job card/ warranty claim are created on network/ online and accessed via tablet/ ipad
complaint entered here

3.Spare parts are booked out with barcode/ QR reader. This needs to capture any serial numbers/ part numbers required for warranty
part 1 of cause entered here (mechanic tells spare parts on ordering which part is the casual/ failed part)

4.When Spare parts are booked to electronic job card it brings up link to standard operation associated with part number
correction entered here- mechanic clicks link to standard operation and enters any other work not covered by standard operation

5.Laptop work saved to electronic job card ( faultcodes etc.)

6.Replaced parts returned to spares- scanned back in with barcode/ QR reader. This needs to capture failed part number and any part numbers required for warranty
part 2 of cause entered here


8. Mechanics need a Tablet/ ipad with attachable keyboard
this will also allow access to workshop manuals electronically at toolbox/ job saving the need to endlessly print

note- standard time (workshop manual procedure, this includes standard time, other parts associated with original part needed to replace under warranty) All this is already accessable to most mechanics if they know where to find it

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