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Technically manufacturers do have a paperless system.
But the systems are so bad Workshops put in a range of different practices and systems themselves to try and comply and make it work. This can range from 3 pieces of paper to 50 pieces per job

I have heard many reports that new systems are on the way, unfortunately these reports are always followed with they have been on the way for years.

What can we do about it?.........................

My other thoughts on mechanicing

Lessons learnt from being a foreman
Lessons Learn't, next time i'll be ready
My experience as foreman was a massive learning curve for me. I took on the role under the following circumstances...

Being a mechanic in the UK
I have seen and experienced so many amazing things since I left Australia 20 months ago. Working abroad has allowed me to do this without hurting the back pocket too much. During my time at Volvo in London I met lots of new and interesting people. I have Learn’t different techniques and ways of doing things gaining experience that will help me in my job back home...

Series 60 Detroit Parts
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Detroit Series 60 Parts for sale.
Detroit Series 60 Parts for sale.