Paperless Campaign


Technically manufacturers do have a paperless system.
But the systems are so bad Workshops put in a range of different practices and systems themselves to try and comply and make it work. This can range from 3 pieces of paper to 50 pieces per job

I have heard many reports that new systems are on the way, unfortunately these reports are always followed with they have been on the way for years.

What I would like to see in the meantime is some support and procedures on working with the current system standardized by the manufacturer across all their Dealers. Current systems could be potentially paperless if used in a certain way with other added on systems. To be a franchise there is a list of things you need to have. Special tooling, diagnostic laptops etc. On this list needs to be the extra systems to be paperless. In my mind these are things like tablets, dropbox/server, online tick and flick service sheets

What can we do about it?
1. Tell your boss (or show him this link) at dealer level we can do this.
Dealers too often blame the manufacturer.
2. If you’re a mechanic fill in this short survey click here

I am creating a review and rating system to show what system the manufacturer has supplied therefore you will know what procedures your workshop has added on. Click the link to see what I think a good system should look like
I want the review and rating system to leave no where to hide. To create these reviews I need your help.
3. Watch, like and share the you tube videos

I will be approaching dealers and manufacturers. Some will listen to Aaron Guymer, many will listen to the paperless campaign if you show your support.

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