Resume Notes

You are welcome to use these notes but remember never use something you don't understand. You must be able to explain to your potential future employer anything that you put in your resume.
Its a good idea to show a mechanic your resume and get some feed back before giving it to a potential employer. You want to make sure the wording is correct for your particular area.

I have worked as a mechanic in 4 different countries. Its surprising how the terminology can be slightly different. For example A driveshaft, prop(eller) shaft, tail shaft (The shaft that connects the gearbox to the diff). If you live in the UK and write tail shaft on your resume a potential employer is going to think there is something not right with this guy. He might call Bullshit on your resume before you even get in the door. Should you ever have an oversight and are asked where you got that terminology from say
I learnt a lot from my Australian friend and thats what he called it.

Tell them a little about yourself.
Why do you want to be a mechanic, why did you choose this job? What do you enjoy about it?
Talk about team work if you played in a sports team, leadership if you were captain. Talk about attitude. Talk about not being afraid of hard work and getting your hands dirty.

Below are some dot points to get you started.
- I want to be a mechanic because I enjoy working with my hands.
- I love a challenge and the feeling of achievement when I fix something.
- I'm not stuck behind a desk.
- My father is a mechanic and I enjoyed helping him.
- My Mate is a mechanic and I enjoy helping him.
- Growing up I enjoyed pulling apart and fixing my push bike and motorbike
- I did work experience as a mechanic and loved it
- I enjoy working with the lads in the workshop, it’s a great culture
- I have always been fascinated with cars

Where did/ do you go to school?
What year/ level have you completed or are completing?
Have you studied any subjects that relate to being a mechanic?

Write down any work experience you have completed
List key things you have learnt
If you haven’t done any work experience and this is your resume for getting work experience: List any mechanical experience you may have. This might range from working on your bicycle, motorbike, or helping your mate fix his car

Things learnt Videos that will help you learn these things
Basic servicing of xyz vehicles
Really enjoyed assisting on bigger tasks xyz
Occupational health and safety
- Wear safety glasses ideally all the time while in the workshop obviously when using grinders, hitting something with a hammer, laying underneath a vehicle.
- Disabling a vehicle so the engine can’t be started or vehicle moved while the mechanic is working on it. (put the keys in your pocket) Safety Video
- Never work under a hoist without putting a prop in place Safety Video
- Don’t step/ jump over workshop pits
- Loose clothes and hair are a danger of getting caught in rotating parts. Using gloves to hold something on a bench grinder is a prime example of what not to do
- Use jack stands under axles before working underneath
- Don’t trust airbags or hydraulic rams, use props or safety stands before working underneath
- Cab over trucks- tilt the cab all the way over, don’t work underneath an unsupported ram

When doing work experience try to get a written reference.
References from someone in the industry are the best but sometimes hard to get when just starting out.