Success In Life

When I was a 3rd year apprentice I lived in a share house with two of my mates. One was a 3rd year apprentice like me and the other was a 1st year. We had an absolute ball. It was one of the best periods of my life. What I noticed was our mate that was a 1st year never missed out on anything, yet earnt half what we did. So I said to him how much do you earn a week?

Then I decided, that is how much I am living on from now on. If he can do it I can do it. I set up a savings account and when I got paid on a Thursday I had internet banking set up to automatically take money out straight away. I never missed it, I couldn’t see it in my everday account and my life kept carrying on. That’s how I saved enough for the deposit to buy my first house before my 20th birthday. All on apprentice wages.

Moral to the story: Start early! For most people an apprenticeship is your first job. You go from earning nothing to earning a little bit. As your wage increases so does your lifestyle. Put 20% in a savings account and only spend it on something that will make you money or at least hold its value. Or something that will up skill you giving you potential to earn more.

Make money a slave that works for you!